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Most people over indulge during the Christmas period……..  Mince pies, chocolates, coated nuts, crisps, mulled wine… What about SUGAR FILLED FESTIVE CHRISTMAS DRINKS???   I’m not here to be the Scrooge of Christmas treats, everyone deserves a little indulgence during the festive season.  However, I do want to make you […]

Christmas Cups of Obesity and Disease

Nutrition for exercise, particularly post exercise nutrition, plays an important role in recovery and performance.  Individual nutritional needs vary according to body weight and composition, energy needs, the type, duration and intensity of the exercise, body composition goals, pre-exercise nutrition, among other factors. Generally speaking however, after a moderate/ intense […]

Nutrition for Exercise: 5 Food Combinations You Need to Try

Last weekend I completed the South Wales Reebok Spartan Super.  The  13km race included  20 obstacles and plenty of gruelling Welsh hills!  I absolutely love taking part in these races.  I don’t compete for time, I take part with my fitness obsessed friends for a fun challenge.  These races certainly […]

Spartan Race Breakfast: Fat is not an Enemy

If you’ve read the “Clean Eating” section of this site then you’ll know that I try to buy organic produce whenever I can.  You might have also read my “About CleanFoodQueen” section and have noted that I am a student, so you might be wondering how I can afford to […]

Organic Shopping

  As a self confessed sugar addict, it used to be that my first thought every morning was a bowl of sweet porridge with fruit.  If porridge wasn’t on the breakfast menu, I’d be having a wheat based cereal or Greek yoghurt with fruit. There’s nothing wrong with tucking into […]

Sweet Vs. Savoury Breakfast