Sweet Vs. Savoury Breakfast



Sweet Breakfast: Overnight Oats

As a self confessed sugar addict, it used to be that my first thought every morning was a bowl of sweet porridge with fruit.  If porridge wasn’t on the breakfast menu, I’d be having a wheat based cereal or Greek yoghurt with fruit.

There’s nothing wrong with tucking into a tasty stack of banana pancakes, or digging into fruity overnight oats to kick start the day.  Recipes for sweet breakfasts can be found in my breakfast recipe section.  However, for those of you who struggle with your sugar demons like myself, I have tried and tested tips for battling cravings for the sweet stuff, starting with breakfast….

Eating a savoury breakfast rather than a sugary breakfast seems to prevent the sweet cravings being set off for the day.  When I start imagethe day with something sweet, my sugar demons are instantly woken up and want to cause havoc.  My pre-prepared protein or vegetable themed mid-morning snack is shoved aside despite good intentions, as the need for more sweetness sends me to the muffin tin.  If your accustomed to a sweet taste first thing in the morning then I’m not suggesting you swap it for steak and veg overnight, because chances are you’ll put yourself off breakfast full stop!  But, you could begin by chosing an egg or sweet potato themed breakfast.  Something like tomato baked eggs, or scrammbled eggs with ham and tomato would be a good choice because eggs have a slight sweet taste to them, as do the tomatoes.  If your not an egg fan, sweet potato or veggie fritters would give you that slight sweet taste, whilst preventing the blood sugar spike that triggers sugar craving mode.  Adding spices can also help to sweeten the flavour of a savoury breakfast; cinnamon and nutmeg are great choices.


Savoury Breakfast: Tomato Baked Eggs

Eating a big breakfast containing protein and fats will stop the mid morning slump.  Don’t restrict yourself at breakfast time, it’s the best time metabolically speaking to get a big meal in, paticularly if you train in the mornings.  I always make extra breakfast so that I can eat more of it if I’m hungry again an hour later.  Some days I find breakfast lasting all morning, but then I don’t need any more food until the evening.  Other days I don’t need so much in the morning.  I listen to my hunger signs.  In a healthy body, hunger is regulated by hormones and is based on the body’s nutritional status.  It is obvioulsy important to diffrentaite between actual hunger and boredom or cravings, but this is where leaving out the sugar at breakfast can make a real difference in the battle against the sugar demons.  Have a small portion of healthy fats and protein, and bulk it up with non-starchy vegetables.  Throw the left overs in a tub to take out and away you go.


Happy breakfast munching everyone!



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